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Une question ?

How to estimate your online business ?

On Twistagain.com, you can estimate your site for sale for free.

Register your domain name.

Then, refine your evaluation by choosing the category of the site to sell: e-commerce site, content site, software company or SAAS, marketplace platform, or simply your start-up whatever its activity. You can also rate your web agency online.

Then, define your mode of income and monetization of your digital activity: Is it affiliation, dropshipping, e-commerce with stock, income from the generation of sales leads, an Amazon FBA business, a subscription system, Adsense income? etc.

Enter the development platform technology (CMS) on which your website is based (Wordpress, Magento, Prestashop, Joomla, or other…). You can specify the current version in the detail of the ad.

Choose the sector of activity of your e-business: Food, Motorcycling, Banking-finance, Beverages Education, Training, Energy, Environment, Home and Garden, Media, Fashion, Health, Well-being, etc.

Provide as much financial information as possible about your e-business: your annual turnover and profits.

The number of visits from your website is important because it allows a buyer to forecast future income and then establish a more accurate business plan.

The tool for estimating digital activity is not an exact science. But it allows you to obtain an estimate of your e-business when you want to sell it or a target from precise data (turnover, income, visits, seniority, type, etc.) when want to buy a business or site.

Then immediately get an estimate of the selling price of a website or activity.