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How to buy a website?

1. Discover our digital assets

Consult the list of digital assets for sale. New sites are published every day, subscribe to our newsletter to receive news and not to miss the good deal!

2. Choose the project that appeals to you the most

Get free access to the main metrics of the asset that interests you.

3. Discuss with the owner

Access all the information necessary for a complete and detailed analysis of the website. The Twist Again team is there to answer your most in-depth questions!

4. Buy your new digital asset!

Does the digital asset meet your expectations? We support you on the transfer process (contracts, payment, etc.).


Start your business today!

Find quality, verified and profitable digital assets.

Why shoukd you buy a website via TwistAgain?

Certified sellers & digital assets

All our digital assets are verified by our due diligence team (Financial, technical data ...)

Transparent Data

Access all the data collected during our audit in order to analyze your future digital asset

We support

Acquiring a digital asset is a long journey. We support you throughout the purchasing process


Due diligence, sale contract, escrow, migration. As many steps as there are reasons to be wrong. We advise you throughout your acquisition process.

A fair price

Our role is to ensure that the price displayed is consistent with the market. We study the entire market to ensure that the method of calculating the purchase price is consistent.

No hidden fees

The price displayed corresponds to the price you will pay for your digital asset as well as our support

A question ?

Who are you ?

Twist Again is a platform for announcing and evaluating business assets. Our goal is to create a network that connects online business owners and digital assets with buyers.

Is there a charge for the service?

Our service is based on a connection between seller and buyer. This service is free for sellers.
As a buyer, you can access all of the ads available on our platform for free. To be put in contact with a transferor, you will need to subscribe to a package or a subscription.
Don't worry, these are very suitable depending on your use of our platform.
The list of these is available on the home page

Why choose us ?

With Twist Again, we put proximity at the forefront thanks to our platform.
Choosing Twist Again means choosing 100% transparency on each of the products on our site, as well as access to a unique network of buyers and sellers.
Many of the active ingredients on our platform are not available anywhere else.
For sellers, this is the unique opportunity to market your assets on a specialized site and be visible to several thousand potential buyers.

How to contact a supplier or a transferor?

You want to be put in touch with a company seller or an asset supplier, it's very simple!
You just have to choose the seller to contact and ask to be put in contact with the latter.
It's up to you to choose the subscription or package that best suits your use of our service.
You will be asked to create an account to validate and you can then contact the seller. It's quick and easy !

Is your website secure?

This website is 100% secure.
Here's why :
First, the site you are visiting is on a HTTPS server (the small gray padlock on the left side of the URL of this page is there to remind you).
Most sites only secure their 'shopping cart' and everything related to the payment of orders. ALL PAGES on this site are secure and cannot be hacked or targeted by malware.
In summary, Twist Again is safe and secure.

What are the payment methods ?

Currently, you can pay for our services by credit card on our site. We do not accept bank checks, transfers or payments at reception.

How does it work if I am not satisfied with the business or the asset that I purchased?

You made your transaction directly with the assignor who provided you with the business or asset you ordered. We remind you that Twist Again is a link between buyers and sellers. For any return request, it is necessary to contact the transferor directly to discuss it with him.
Don't worry, they are very friendly and you can easily discuss them and find a solution.

Partnership and sponsorship

We carry out numerous partnerships and sponsorships on a daily basis, do not hesitate to contact us for any collaboration proposal.

Any more questions?

If you still have any questions, you can contact us by email at contact [at] twistagain.com

How to buy a website ?

On Twistagain.com, you can view listings for sites for sale.

Refine your search by category of website for sale, the industry that you want, the type of tech and publishing platform and the spent time for work.

A website and web activity estimation tool allows you to obtain an estimate of your target from precise data (turnover, income, visits, seniority, type, etc.)

Use the matchmaking to find out from the sellers and interact with them.

We can help you on the transaction as soon as you have reached an agreement.

Our blog also gives you advice to facilitate the purchase of a site: The steps to follow to buy a website